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The Waffle Generator for testing out stylesheets.
Download 'waffle.php' here

The Waffle Generator is an old program of ours that we recently converted to PHP in order to test out CSS stylesheets. It gives large quantities of text that looks as if it has been churned out by a management consultant.

The problem we had was that we could design stylesheets that looked good with just a small amount of text, or that looked fine with the pig-latin stuff from font samples, but they still looked ghastly under normal use

To use the waffle generator, just to giggle nervously at computer-generated text that looks almost worth a masters at a non-accredited University,

To test out a stylesheet:<address-of-stylesheet>


You can see that all you have to do is to make your stylesheet visible on the internet, and the waffle generator can pull it in.

You can set the number of sentences that the waffle generator supplies.

you can set it up just to supply clichés for that masters thesis that needs a bit of gingering up

As it is currently set up, the waffle generator tests out:

Definition lists
Ordered (numbered) lists
Unordered (bulleted) lists
	(all these are nested randomly)