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Windsor Branch:
MML Systems, 1C Straight Road, Old Windsor, Berks, England

Suffolk Branch:
MML Systems, Pentlow Mill, Cavendish, Suffolk, CO10 7SP, England

Tel : +44 (0)1787 281072
Fax : +44 (0)1787 280561
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For almost a quarter of a century, MML Systems have been serving businesses in the UK with IT expertise. MML Systems continues to thrive by supporting organizations of all sizes and types, from the leading-edge Internet company to the local small-business. Amongst its clients have been Ford Motor Company, Xerox, Thomas Cook, Primus Telecommunications, Nat West Bank, Hewlett Packard and Enformatica. It has advised government departments on IT strategy, and worked with many City of London organisations .

MML has devised trading systems for the City, created internet applications, devised call-centre management software, Telephone billing systems, internet broadcast systems, and a host of management reporting systems. Increasingly, MML is dealing with the problems of analyzing, sorting and making sense of huge quantities of data, and are experts in the construction of large database systems.

MML was formerly based in the City of London, at 11 Sun Street, but has since relocated to the country, and has two branches, based in Old Windsor in Royal Berkshire, and Cavendish in Suffolk

Although the original partners are still with MML, a new generation of partners and associates are now increasing the range of ways we can support the requirements of businesses. We believe that the importance of supplying a professional service is paramount, whether it is a major project, a brief second-opinion, an emergency rescue operation , an Escrot service, or an unbiased report.

For any further information, or an informal discussion about your requirements, contact us on +44 (0)1787 281072